Types of cough

Customers in the pharmacy often ask us to recommend a good cough syrup. The choice depends on different factors - what cough is we talking about how long the symptom is observed, whether the child needs a cough syrup, which age is a speech, etc. In this article we have generalized what it is useful to know when buying a cough syrup.

Warning: If your doctor prescribed a certain syrup, use it.

What is cough?

Despite the fact that coughing is unpleasant as a feeling, it is a natural protective mechanism of our body, which protects the upper respiratory tract from stimuli. It may be isolation, causative agents of diseases, inhaled harmful and irritants. Thanks to the cough, we manage to push them out of the lungs and, thus, to release them.

Cough is always based on inflammation of mucous membranes, mainly localized in the upper respiratory tract, therefore, there is excessive secretion and mucus.

Syrups that we have included in this comparative article have different effects.

Some are muscolithics - syrup, thinning discharge, others suppress the cough mechanism. Others have a combined effect.

When we talk about dry, and when about wet cough?

In the absence of discharge and sputum there is a dry cough. This is especially annoying and is usually characteristic of the first days of virus infections of the nose and throat.

A wet cough is spoken by increased secretion or sputum release. This kind of cough can be: the stage of development of dry cough; The consequence of acute infectious and chronic diseases of the lower respiratory tract (trachea, bronchi and lungs), causing the formation of secrets.

Useful tips from cough

Things to do:

For the night, wear light pajamas, do not overdo it with places and blankets.

Dress up things that easy to shoot and wear. Use woolen scarves only when there is a very low temperature on the street.

Put a lot of liquid regularly: water, fresh juices, slightly sweetened warm (not hot) herbal teas, preferably with honey (hot drinks reduce the irritation of the upper respiratory tract and dilute the selection, facilitating their removal).

Open the windows for better ventilation.

Rinse your nose thoroughly several times a day, use saline.

Avoid sudden temperature drops.

What can not do:

It is not necessary to underestimate the constant and annoying cough, which can cause additional complications, and take measures in a timely manner.

Do not overheat the room. The perfect temperature is about 18-20 degrees.

Do not smoke and do not stay indoors where there is a cigarette smoke. You are welcome to claim our exclusive 1XBET FREE PROMO CODE sports bonus using our code, and this is a great way to get started with the brand. This 1XBET VIP sports betting bonus equates to a 100% match on your first deposit, which can be anything from €/$10 right up to €/$130 if you want the maximum reward.As we have learned, the 1XBET promo code today grants you access to a couple of fantastic welcome offers.

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