Project Types


POSSIN offers products for the hydrocarbon industry; oil and gas transportation, refineries, pipelines, power generation and mining. The materials are sourced from high quality, cost-competitive producers with longstanding relationships and track records with POSSIN and our clients around the world. This global experience allows POSSIN to accurately and efficiently procure products for large and small companies alike

Pipelines and Refineries

POSSIN supplies material solutions for various infrastructure projects including, but not limited to: bridges, ports and stadiums. Clients depend on the quality sourcing of materials for stability and support of their structures


visit web page POSSIN supplies mechanical pipes or pressure tubing for machined components. It is typically used as the raw material for production machines. The materials have been used in very high-quality European production facilities.

Mechanical POSSIN supplies steel piping materials for a relative new industry of energy production: renewable energy. These materials are used in the infrastructure, transport and production of alternative energy.