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High Quality, Cost-Competitive Industrial Materials since 1981

Possin GmbH - 42 years of industry experience

POSSIN GmbH is a German turnkey supplier for industrial projects, with a storied tradition in steel supply.
Our clients continually choose POSSIN due to our extensive international experience and professionalism.

Our Services

Material Supply & Management

Supplying industrial materials according to required specifications for all clients. Managing the entire procurement process.

Budget Monitoring & Planning

We are highly experienced in planning turnkey solutions, avoid disruptions and keeping in line with budget goals.

Quality Control

Insuring materials are produced to the highest international quality standards and guidelines from all pre-approved producers.

Logistics & Transportation Management

Coordinating logistics of materials for a timely delivery using all forms of global transportation.

Product Overview

Get an overview of our product range of common industrial materials

Let's talk about your project. We can help to find the best solution.

We procure materials for projects in the Oil, Gas, Water, Construction & Infrastructure sectors worldwide.
We would be happy to manage custom procurement solutions for your project


We respect the needs of our clients and go above and beyond that which is required.


Our family name is on everything we do, therefore we treat each project with utmost importance and respect.


In an every changing market, we strive to be at the forefront of information and market know-how.

Global Network

We have a professional network of producers and service providers who hold the same corporate values as us.

Project Types

POSSIN is a turnkey material supplier for medium and large-scale projects in the hydrocarbon, power generation, mechanical, construction and water industries. We take care of material supply chain management from start to finish. See a small selection of our projects.

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