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About Us

German-based steel supply
since in 1981.


Vision and Values

Professionalism – We respect the needs of our clients and go above
and beyond that which is required.
Integrity – Our family name is on everything we do, therefore we treat each project with utmost importance and respect.
Knowledge – In an every changing market, we strive to be at the forefront of information and market know-how.
Global Network – We have a professional network of producers and service providers who hold the same corporate values as us.


POSSIN chooses to procure from the highest quality producers and partners from all over the world. International quality standards and producer test certificates along with independent third party inspections are part of standard procedure. POSSIN performs regular quality checks at its factories. Production process, quality inspections and control are a standard procedure for POSSIN; performed by our employees locally. We not only look at the finished product but we take into account the entire manufacturing process.

POSSIN GMBH supplies and procures high quality, cost-competitive industrial materials and has a network of producers in a variety of countries able to provide a range of products for the energy sector and construction industries. With long-term relationships with European, African, Asian, Latin American and Middle Eastern customers POSSIN GmbH has long been the trusted supplier for medium and large-scale projects in over 30 countries on five continents.

(left) Benjamin Possin – CEO
(right) Michael Possin – Founder, Director Emeritus

Quality Standards

Approval system for new suppliers in line with international requirements

Material testing

Inspections performed by third-party test institutes

Certifications and approvals according to international standards and guidelines